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Free Shipping within Uk mainland. A new concept glider for a broader range of pilots...

We are proud to present the KOYOT a new concept for a glider, a glider carefully designed for a broader spectrum of pilots. Whilst it is primarily a first wing it has not been specifically developed for just schools and beginners. This is a wing which will allow even the more experienced pilots to remain happy in the air for many years.

The overall piloting finesse, performance, handling and security of the KOYOT is like no other in this class.

The KOYOT is made using only the best available materials, the Skytex 45 evolution, a material which has been carefully selected to be long lasting and substantial, tough enough to stand the rigours of any terrain. A wing purposely designed to allow you many years of pleasurable and safe flying.

KOYOT . Stress free and pleasurable flying


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