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Sup'Air <b>Lightweight</b> Reserve Parachute.

From £445.00

An excellent reserve option for pilots who want to drop some weight from their gear.

Low pack volume enabling fitting into smaller reserve pockets.

Despite itís light weight this is an excellent system.

Weights: Small - 1500g, Med - 1800g, Large - 2200g, Bi - 3500g

Asymmetric canopy design gives excellent stability in tests with a fast deployment

The SupíAir system has the harness bridles attached so, when considering the comparative weights, there is an additional saving of around 150g over the other systems listed here.

Supplied in universal deployment bag.

Sup'Air Light > Features

Laminated 9024 NCV polyamide fabric.

2mm polyamide lines.

4mm APEX polyamide lines.

26mm polyester risers.

Delivered with packing instructions.

Y-shaped reserve bridles.